TechMatch Slovakia 2015

Matching Ideas

What is TechMatch Slovakia 2015?

Slovak Business Agency (SBA) organizes a 5-day event TechMatch Slovakia 2015 with ambition to match the World’s 60 top tech startups with the needs of global corporations and Silicon Valley investors. TechMatch will be opened by a high level keynote speaker from Silicon Valley.

A highly selective procedure will enable 60 top tech startups to participate in the programme. Participants will be coming from all over Europe. Programme participants will include 30 VCs and corporate representatives, professors from UC Berkeley and the World’s major technological leaders primarily from the USA.

25 corporate representatives

60 tech startups from around the world

Investors from Silicon Valley

Mentors and lecturers from University of California, Berkeley


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Confirmed speakers

Luke Kowalski, Oracle – Vice President
Neil Sands, Salesforce – Vice President at Salesforce Innovations
John Frost, PayPal – Startup Advisor; Braintree
Marvin Liao, 500 Startups
Ian Sobieski – Band of Angels