Juha Christensen

Juha Christensen, currently CEO and Founder of Cogniance and Cloud Made. Previously: Symbian co-founder, Macromedia President, Microsoft Corporate Vice President. Juha is a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record. Voted one of the 25 Most Influential Europeans in Technology by Time Magazine, he has dedicated his career to building digital eco systems.
His early research into Dynamic Modeling led to him co-found Symbian, which shipped inside a billion smartphones. Later, he ran the group that introduced Microsoft’s Pocket PC and Smartphone to the market. He was later President at Macromedia and a board member at Trolltech, the creators of Qt. As CEO of CloudMade, Juha is leading the Connected Car software company’s work with large automotive brands, changing the way cars are built, marketed, bought and driven.
Juha passionately believes that every great idea deserves success. This has let him to found Cogniance, a 500 person strong technology product co-creation firm dedicated to helping nurture, fund and scale great ideas into large successes. Juha’s chairman and board roles include companies like CloudMade, Cogniance, Pelican Imaging, Brandworkz, Buttonwood Financial and The Pad.