Daniel Minarik, CEO / co-founder

“Retail is my passion.” Daniel has several years of experience with planning, forecasting and data analysis from companies like Nike, adidas or Tesco. During his professional career, Daniel has identified a problem in the effective collection, processing and analysis of large amount of retail data from various sources and that was the main impulse to develop project ProfitUp. With ProfitUp he managed to win Entrepreneurial Idea of 2012 and recently Telekom Business Wall of Fame as the best internet of things solution. His main vision is to simplify the way, how people work with data and business intelligence.

Phone: +421 915 847 502

Jozef Štefanka, CTO / co-founder

Jozef is an experienced developer and expert in database solutions. Previously he worked on the development of reverse auctions for metallurgical engineering industry, or developed Assistant App application – voice operated calendar for iPhone, which reached the top 5 chart in the paid business appliactions in the U.S.,


Retailers overwhelmed with data face challenges to analyze them all efficiently. ProfitUp is here to help them collect, process and analyze it with ease. ProfitUp is fast to deploy, easy to use and affordable business intelligence solution made especially for retail industry. ProfitUp can be used by all scale of segments of retailers from one ice cream stand to multinational fashion brands. ProfitUp won Entrepreneurial Idea of 2012 and Telekom Business Wall of Fame.




Product deck


“We simplify retail business intelligence so that retailers can stay focused on making their customers happy.”

“Simplify your retail business intelligence with ProfitUp.”

“Fast to deploy, easy to use and affordable business intelligence for all retailers.”



Daniel Minarik / CEO

+421 915 847 502/ s.r.o.

Waltariho 7, Piestany, 921 01, Slovakia