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João Lobato Oliveira, Co-founder & CEO
Telephone: +351 934271060
João Lobato Oliveira is, since 2013, co-founder and CEO of Lapa Studio, the creators of Lapa – a Bluetooth Low Energy device that you attach to your things so you can find them easily with your Smartphone – and providers of Bluetooth Proximity Services. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from FEUP, Porto, on 2013 and made a 1-year Pos-Doc with Honda Research Institute in Japan during 2014. He published 1 Patent,​ 1 Book​,​ 5 International Peer-reviewed Journal Articles​, and​ 1​8​ International Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

About Lapa Studio:
Lapa Studio ​ was born in August 2013 in Porto, Portugal, and​is a Software & Hardware Startup that creates Bluetooth Proximity Sensors and Services​. It will transform the way you search for and protect all the things you can’t live without. The “lost and found” problem is only the beginning though. Lapa Studio is in the process of expanding the range of applications of Lapa’s technology and developing a new set of innovative ideas ​based on their core technology​.

​From Google​ Play store:
​”It does everything ‘that must well. I’m happy! :)​”​
“Very Good, Time Saver”​
​“Very good product, good application.​”​

​From Apple store:​
​”This is what I’ve needed all my life!”​
​”I was looking for a device that could help me locate my keys, i have found it, instead of having multiple annoying options, it is simple, discrete and works very well. Nice job!​”​
​”I’ve had my Lapas for a little over a year now. They really work.”​