Mark Burke, CEO/Founder, mark.burke@optiwifi.com
Camille Voisin, CTO
Alexandra Whelan, Marketing Executive

About Mark Burke:
A strong commercial CEO leading a driven team to deliver World Class Wi-Fi solutions to the global market. With 16 years’ experience managing I.T. roadmap, technology buildout and financial systems integration. Mark has managed global teams in the delivery of technology services. Holding M.A., B.Sc. (Mgmt.) Acc & Fin, Post Grad Dip in I.T.

About Camille Voisin:
Camille is a strong technical leader with 13 years technical and leadership experience, Holds a M.Sc. Telecoms Engineering. Has managed some of the world’s largest enterprise software deployments in EMEA & Japan for Dell. Currently manages a team of engineers delivering customer solutions.

About OptiWi-fi:
We are the only company that offers Wi-Fi providers, such as Telefónica, full visibility in real time on their network. Our competitors do not have full visibility of Wi-Fi issues on customer networks.

We model Wi-Fi network behavior in a way not available from our competitors today. This shows Wi-Fi providers their network issues that they would otherwise be blind to. Our customers use our dashboard, which provides unique visibility to the Wi-Fi provider of how their network is performing and prioritizes hotspots requiring problem investigation.
We gather data analytics on the Wi-Fi providers’ network and from the entire Wi-Fi spectrum, unlike our competitors who only analyze successful connections. We give the Wi-Fi provider the ability to make smart decisions whilst receiving valuable technical and commercial insights. Our patented technology sees all traffic at a hotspot location enabling us to provide more accurate:
Hotspot ranking
Data offload indicator
Customer and Competitor business intelligence
Marketing intelligence

Because our competitors do not see the entire spectrum, they are unable to provide accurate information.

Our patented technology can optimize the Wi-Fi bandwidth, which is feature our competitors cannot do. Because we see everything on the Wi-Fi spectrum, this enables us to manage and optimize the network. Since our competitors cannot see the entire spectrum they cannot effectively manage the network.

Our Solution can be delivered via a software OEM integration or via hardware (the OptiCube).