Passlogy Co. Ltd/PassClip

Hiro Sakai, CTO,

Hiro Sakai is CTO at Passlogy, a leading company of token-less one-time password authentication solution in the Japanese market. Hiro joined Passlogy in 2008 as an application engineer and joined the management team in 2010. The current mission is the global expansion of the business portfolio. Hiro has over 15 years’ experience in IT industry and over 8 years in the enterprise security sector.


TechMatch Japan Video 46:20 – PassLogic

About Passlogy/PassClip:

Passlogy provides enterprises cost effective and flexible one-time password authentication software that can manage the identification and verification of local and remote users. Passlogy’s token-less one-time password can maximize scalability, flexibility, security of authentication systems on remote access solutions. We have strong track records in the Japanese security market. The patent-protected unique authentication method is a perfect match for remote access services from smart devices.

“PassClip” is a password management application for smartphone for free.

The app can offer the simplest and most secure method to manage so many passwords without a master password and/or biometric authentication. The users are freed from complication of storing and generating unique passwords for each web site. This system may be accepted by consumers not very literate in IT.