Milan Simek, CEO,
Tel: +420 608970831

Milan Simek is CEO of Sewio Networks, Czech company delivering wireless solution for industry positioning and navigation. Milan received his MSc in 2006 from Brno University of Technology and in 2010 he received Ph.D. by defending thesis about Reference-Free Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks. From 2006 he is actively engaged in evolution of IoT, RFID and RTLS technology, he serves as EU Expert Committee for IoT driven EU Challenges. From 2010-2014 he worked as project manager at SIX Research Center, with focus on wireless telemetry and IoT systems. One of interested project he managed was project “Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Visualization for Crisis Management”, reg. no FR-TI2/571, funded by Ministry of Industry and Trade. As member of Department of Telecommunications he co-founded and worked as team leader of  Wireless System Laboratory (WISLAB) providing research and development of wireless sensor systems. He has experiences with embedded programming, RFID technology, RTLS systems, IP Network architecture, etc. His certification includes Cisco Networking Professional Lecturer, IPMA-C project management, Linux Server Security. In 2015 he launched cooperation program with manufacturers of drones in order to deliver solution for precise navigation of drones inside industry halls. Sewio team was awarded as Top 10 startup in 2014 and in 2015 it receives 1st place in Startup Harvest competition.

About Sewio:
Sewio solutions use precise location data and wireless sensors to help find, protect, optimize or control the things that matter the most – people, equipment and assets. Using ultra-wide band radio technology, real-time location and modern web based technologies for monitoring and control, Sewio’s solutions are used to protect the safety of employees and machinery, find efficiencies in production and warehousing, and improve processes. Sewio products are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, warehousing and logistics, entertainment, retail, mining and healthcare.

“Where GPS ends Sewio still localizes.”
“Save Money/Safe Life …with Sewio Industry Positioning.”