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I was born in the north of Spain in 1981. As in my hometown Oviedo there were no technological universities, I decided to move to Madrid, where I graduated in Telecommunication engineering at the age of 23 at Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. After that, I started my job career at Deloitte and Touche, becoming a Systems Security Auditor and Risk Analyst. After two years of hard working in the banking corporation “Grupo Santander”, I moved to the Swedish Telecom company Ericsson. There, I become an Internet expert, designing and implementing core data networks in big operators all around the globe. At that time, I obtained different well recognized professional certifications from vendors such as Cisco (CCNP), Juniper (JNCIE) and Ericsson (EIP). After 4 years there, I created my own company with 3 friends from my university’s residence. By trying to merge all our combined knowledge, we detected a gap in the 3D content creation world related with IT services, mainly due to the big complexity and big demanding pipelines needed. SummuS Render was born. After almost 8 years in the market, and being one of the first specialized render farm companies in the world, we reached the full length animation movie market in 2012. We will hit 1 MM € income in 2015.

About Summus Render:
At SUMMUS RENDER we allow animation studios, professional designers, and 3D schools to streamline their 3D rendering processes, relieving them from capital expenditure, licensing and new software. Basically our virtual platforms allow them to achieve economies of scale and meet immediate business demands, all thanks to our cutting edge/vast server capacity. Our customers value us because cloud-computing is much faster to deploy, staying this way ahead of completion cycle times. Also projects can be monitored more effectively, personnel training is relatively low (minimal learning curve and broader flexibility), and businesses are less costly to implement. In a nutshell: more can be done in the cloud. In addition, given the nature of our business, IT consulting is an intricate part of our model. The level of data involved from input to output requires technical support, as well in-house system implementation.

January 23, 2014: “HP has announced that Summus has recently increased its 3D rendering capabilities for digital animation, while managing to reduce inner costs for its proprietary data center.”