Tegetdot, www.tegetdot.com or www.witouch.io
Gorica Mijović, Co-founder & COO gorica.mijovic@tegetdot.com; gorica@tegetdot.com
Marijan Brvar, Co-founder & CEO mbrvar@tegetdot.com; marijan@tegetdot.com

About Marijan Brvar
Marijan is all about innovative leadership, value creation, and new business development. He is a multi-faceted professional with previous rich work experience where he got to know business and technology challenges of both enterprise and public sector. Combining his knowledge with constant research for better solution shaped his vision of how to bring value to the world /customer. I must say that understanding the trends comes natural to him. Marijan’s drive is “connecting the dots” starting from the deep understanding of customer needs and value. He knows the purpose, he knows what to create, and he knows how. He aims to make the complexity of technology invisible to the customer, and deliver solutions that communicate value and are easy to use. 

I admire his dedication to the main company cause and entrepreneurship. Everyone who joined us was blown away by the creative energy, not to mention the motivation to be a part of it. I am very grateful that I am working with Marijan as I got the opportunity to express my creativity and knowledge for both personal and professional growth.

About Gorica Mijovic
One of the best people I meet in my career/life. Filled with great energy and stamina. Her ability to structure complicated things to executable tasks is unbelievable. I have been working closely with Gorica for the past four years. I learned that she has an indisputable sense for justice, strong will, and patience when things become rough and intense. Even more, I discovered a reliable partner and great team leader who is knowledgeable and dominant in areas where she has experience and deep understanding of the subject. Her ability and willingness to learn and adapt fast is impressive.
I found Gorica as a person from whom one can learn a lot and a person who learns from others.

About Tegetdot:
Tegetdot is a young company established in September 2013. The Company is incorporated in Belgrade / Serbia with majority ownership of New Frontier Innovation, as a part of New Frontier Group. The idea behind Tegetdot lays in our dedication to develop innovative end-to-end solutions which provide our customers with most effective tools for real-time communication, personalized commerce, and result assessment.
Our long experience in the tech industry as well as in business development equip us with strong insights and understanding of available technology and marketing. So, we combine processes together to create superior business value and exceptional user experience.
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