WELCON Inc., www.welcon.co.jp
Ken Taoka, Co-Founder, COO, Director of Marketing & Sales ken_taoka@welcon.co.jp

WELCON Inc. is 3D hollow components provider with high quality and precision using diffusion bonding technology. Diffusion bonding is the technology that produces 3D (three-dimensional) structures by stacking preprocessed metal / ceramic sheets and bonding them without melting. Because bonding is done without melting, diffusion bonding is capable of forming channels (micro channels /hollow) as fine as capillaries, making a very large surface area within a small volume. Established in 2006 in Niigata city, Japan. WELCON has been leading variety markets for high-tech from consumer electronics, automotive, heavy plant industries, hydrogen refueling station, medical equipment clean-technologies to semiconductor equipment industries.

Topic of presentation:
WELCON Inc. is a comprehensive provider of design, modeling, prototyping, evaluation, and manufacturing services for complex 3D (three-dimensional) components that simply cannot be made by machining processes. Using diffusion bonding technology, WELCON works closely with its customers to optimize the design and fabrication of a wide range of thermal management devices and applications. Diffusion bonding opens up a whole new approach to the design of thermal management devices, and our services can help the customers move into the next generation of device design and fabrication. We bring a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship to state-of-the-art components. WELCON Inc. was originally FA (factory automation equipment) provider to the consumer electronics industries. WELCON is able to design and build own diffusion bonding equipment for in-house usage. This in-house process engineering and bonding equipment is totally unique and gives us huge advantage.