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Tiago Sá, CEO and Co-Founder, tiagosa@wiseconnect.pt, work: +351911018486 or personal: +351914985970

Sandro Vale, COO and Co-Founder, sandrovale@wiseconnect.pt, personal: +351968209823

I’m Tiago Sá. I’m from Portugal and I’m 26 years old. I have an M.Sc in Electrical and Computers Engineering in FEUP – Universidade do Porto, where I also experienced being a teacher for one semester and done a scholarship for other 6 months. I organized several events and managed different teams since I was 16. I’m an objective-driven person, highly focused, strong minded and very passionate about Life. My previous experience in project management allow me to take the best out of the team I’m working with, having always in mind the final purpose of the project.

Sandro Vale: I’m Sandro Vale, I’m 28 and I’m from Portugal.  I have an M.Sc in Electrical and Computers Engineering in FEUP – Universidade do Porto. I’ve been involved in a scholarship project where I developed an electrical grid interface and wireless communications for electric consumption. I present myself as a visionary, always looking for the future. When I’m involved in a project I always try to take the best out of it, seeing more that what already exists. My highly motivated mindset together with my empathy turn me into an innate team manager.

About WIseConnect:

The company is 1 year old, but the project started from the scratch 3 years ago. We are a group of 9 highly-motivated and highly-skilled agronomic, software and electronic engineers, also known as “Agro-Revolutionists”. Our Headquarters is in UPTEC, Porto, Portugal.

Regarding the product: WiseCrop – The Agro Decision Support Tool – WiseCrop is an agricultural web platform that helps Farmers to produce more and better, while reducing wastes and increasing profits. This user-friendly interface integrates several different tools that allow the user to make better decisions regarding crop’s operations. These tools help Farmers to adjust irrigation and fertigation programs according to daily crop’s needs, monitor climate and soil conditions in real-time, prevent from diseases, pests and frosts and register all the operations performed on the field.