ZMorph 3D

Maciej Frankowicz, Business Developer and Investment Manager,
tel. +48 602 464 226
Maciej has graduated from Wrocław University of Economics where he studied International Business. He started his career in Ernst and Young. For two years he was a Business Developer in AudioTrip where he successfully guided the company through three financing rounds. He is responsible in Zmorph for building relationships with the key international partners and supervises the fundraising process.

About ZMorph 3D:
Zmorph is a personal fabricator for creative people. It goes beyond 3d printing enabling multi-material mixing and multifunctional prototyping using only one device and our in-house software. Our 12 tool heads so far include also a cnc dremmel, laser cutter and engraver and even ceramics and chocolate extruder.

The company is based in Wrocław, Poland. We are a team of 35 people already. We have shipped over 500 Zmorph items since 2013, when we started.

“Today we are experiencing a shift from the era of mass production to mass personalization and Zmorph, being the most versatile 3d printer on the market is in the very heart of it.”