Autlo OÜ,

Kristjan Konks (CEO),

More than 5 years’ experience in parking industry at CEO level. Strong experience both working with municipalities and large scale projects, having lately leaded (at CEO level) the set-up of public transport ticketing systems in Estonia and Sweden (including investments up to millions of Euros). Last 7 years in startups. Some successes, some failures. Bought and sold several companies. Knows startups, knows parking, knows how to deal with municipalities.

Rain Ramm (CTO)

Strong technical know-how in backend systems and large scale data management. Experience in transportation, coding, software and hardware. Despite young age trusted team leader.

Automated payments made by cars.

Started with automatic parking payments.

2013.10 – Autlo OÜ incorporated

2014.06 – proof of concept system up and running

2015.03 – private beta

2015.06 – public launch with parking payments in Estonia.

All cities and major parking operators. 200+ zones, 30 000 spaces.


“Self-driving cars will order services and do payments by themselves. Parking payments made by car have arrived – live in Estonia since this summer.”