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Ville Mickelsson, CEO,

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CyberLightning Ltd, Keilaranta 4, 02150 Espoo, Finland

About Ville Mickelsson:

A veteran innovator of the Internet of Things, Ville Mickelsson is now leading his second start-up in this emerging IT business segment. As the CEO of Cyberlightning Ltd., Ville champions a platform that combines the 3D Internet, real world visualization and big data analytics to drive breakthrough applications for managing the Industrial IoT. Ville also serves as a Co-Chair in IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) Energy Task Group. Prior to Cyberlightning, Ville was CEO of Sensinode Ltd., an IoT software leader acquired by ARM in 2013, and served on the board of the IPSO (Internet Protocol for Smart Objects) Alliance. Ville’s background beyond the IoT includes web-based advertising and mobile commerce, with previous advisor, director and manager positions with TeliaSonera, Starcut and Technopolis Ventures. He currently serves as board chairman for Augumenta Ltd., a pioneering developer of gesture and virtual surface navigation for augmented reality applications.

About CyberLightning:

CyberLightning makes software that can create 3D visualization of IoT data that makes it easier to analyze big data captured by sensor networks. The software, called CyberVille®, is aimed to make it easier for massive IoT implementations (such as energy, traffic or other infrastructure companies) and to manage and correlate data via a business intelligent dashboard. The software includes monitoring, control and optimization/prediction features together with an ability to scale down on edge/fog devices. A network of CyberVille installations can form a base for IoT neural networks with its multilateral communications methods. An example video of a customer installation (district heating and cooling system) can be found at: and Industrial Internet case study at:

Topic of presentation + short summary of presentation:

The HP Open View for the Internet of Everything.


“Fortum’s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. We have always been keen to adopt new technologies and we see the Industrial Internet as the next wave in improving our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. CyberLightning with energy sector optimized offering, has potential to fulfill our concrete needs by providing us a cutting edge technology platform CyberVille® which enables us to strengthen our competitiveness for the future and also creates a base on top of which other solution providers can build new next generation applications.”

-Heli Antila, CTO Fortum Plc.