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Ivan Klimek, Co-Founder, CEO/CTO, xclbr@xclbr.com

– Co-Founder, CEO/CTO of Excalibur (exc sp z.o.o.)

– Excalibur under his leadership by example created a ground breaking authentication solution numerous times awarded for its disruptive innovation

– Created and run his own consultancy company providing expert R&D services to companies such as Qualcomm Research, Deutsche Telekom or Leadtek Research

– Holds Bachelor, Masters and PhD from Technical University Kosice, Slovakia

– Co-author of several patents and patent applications, presented his research at many prestigious universities like Princeton, Virginia Tech, Berkeley or MIT

About Excalibur:

Excalibur is an award winning enterprise grade authentication solution that enables immediate deployment  of multi-factor authentication (MFA) using the phone as a hardware token plug and play converting all legacy password based systems (workstations, web apps …) to one time password (OTP) based, eliminating all attacks on passwords and improving user experience at the same time.

Excalibur was already recognized by industry giants such as Kaspersky (winner the Security Startup Challenge at MIT In August 2015), Cisco (winning the Cisco IoT Security Grand Challenge 2014) or Deutsche Telekom (winner of the Telekom Innovation Contest 2013) and many more.


No more passwords, no more usernames! Just use your mobile phone as a universal digital key.