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Brian Weakliam, Founder & CEO
Brian Weakliam is the CEO of Bankhawk Analytics. I founded Bankhawk because I passionately believe that banking has become too opaque and cumbersome for companies. 

I spent the early part of my career in banking where I had the opportunity to lead a team that built some great software. I could see that banks did not engage well with companies and provided really poor information. I discovered that banking data actually contains really valuable insights if properly harnessed.

Major disruption of corporate banking is predicted and I believe that Bankhawk Analytics will provide companies with a great way to capitalise on the changes and become more successful.

About Bankhawk Analytics:
Bankhawk is a startup based in Dublin, Ireland. Its technology platform Bankhawk Analytics helps companies to reduce their banking costs, streamline their finance function and get powerful new business intelligence using their banking data.

Bankhawk was the winner of SAP’s ‘Most Transformative’ award at SAPPHIRE NOW, Orlando 2014. SAP is the world’s largest business software company and SAPPHIRE NOW is its annual global conference.

Topic of presentation + short summary of presentation:
Day to day banking will cost corporates €360bn in 2022. Using Bankhawk Analytics companies could save €36bn, increase finance efficiency and get actionable business intelligence from their banking data.

“Bankhawk Analytics has the potential to turn corporate banking on its head, empowering companies and changing the way they manage their cash.”
-Brian Weakliam, Founder Bankhawk Analytics