Tiit Anmann, CEO,
+372 5228 227
SignWise’s CEO and co-founder Tiit Anmann has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in both B2B and B2G segment. He started his career as an Engineer and Product Manager, focusing later on Sales and Marketing. Mr. Anmann was Sales Director at Nortal, the fastest growing software development and IT consulting company in the Baltic’s, which has been featured by Deloitte as a top 25 fastest growing tech companies in Central Europe 2009 and 2012 and EMEA top 500 on 2009.

Mr. Anmann has been actively participating in the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications meetings and activities, leading the Information Policy Advisory Board, which has a pivotal role in defining the industry. He also led the talks with the Estonian Government regarding establishing new e-Governance strategies and policies. Since January 2013 full-time CEO of SignWise.

About Signwise:
SignWise provides trusted and secure cross-border integration infrastructure to authenticate and validate e-identities and e-sign electronic documents. SignWise is Estonian company founded in 2012.

Paper-free administration is a global trend, nationally and cross-border. No more wasting time and resources. The age of automated workflows and e-documents has arrived. Communication between all sectors is going digital but how to ensure the security?

With SignWise, a document can be digitally signed and authenticated in countries where national e-solutions don’t exist. SignWise also comes in handy in cross-border signing when technologies used aren’t compatible. SignWise brings parties together, integrates the identities of users into an integral cloud service, provides legally binding signatures and stores documents securely in the cloud.

The idea began with the founders’ need to sign international documents. The solution was developed in 3 years in Estonia – a renowned e-country. By 2014, SignWise was ready to change the world of paper-free administration.

Once a start-up run on voluntary basis SignWise has now become an internationally known e-solution provider and a valued employer. Now SignWise offers digital signing in 8 countries, will soon be launched in another 3 and in development in 4 others. The company focuses on financial sector but the potential is unlimited.

1/ One service implementation = several eIDs (Electronic Identities) from different EU and other countries
2/ Fast and secure cloud based digital signing solution giving legally binding equal to handwritten e-signature
3/ Helping to get eServices and internal systems to be end-to-end paperless (replacing paper based document processes)
4/ One Web Browser Module to get access to different eID tokens (smartcards, crypto sticks, etc.)