Ernest Mendoza, GM & Founder,


“After many years of applied science I had the opportunity to found my own company to exploit a technology developed by me. Awesome opportunity.”

“The core technology is very important but even more important is execution”

“With Goldemar I am realising on how different is to develop and technology to place a technology in the market.”
After devoting the majority of his professional career to research, primarily in the fields of applied materials and nanotechnology, Ernest has now moved over to the dark side – capitalism. This career shift was provoked by a novel discovery, whereby he identified a simple method for the synthesis of highly active catalytic gold nanoparticles. This discovery is now the cornerstone of Goldemar Solutions’​ product portfolio, and the foundation for Ernest’s new passion and career objective: commercialize a scientific finding and create a profitable and sustainable business. Ernest has been devoting himself completely to this radical career transformation – moving from a scientist to an entrepreneur. Ernest has been developing a broad range of new skills as he embarks on this commercial path, yet the motivational driver has been the satisfaction of seeing the creation of a new business and new products in the market.

About Goldemar:
Goldemar Solutions S.L. was founded in December of 2011 as a spinoff of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. It produces advanced catalytic materials that serve to eliminate airborne pollutants and purify the air.

Goldemar’s technology removes various harmful or undesirable compounds in sectors related to air purification, providing the following potential uses thereof: i) volatile organic compound removal, ii) mobile and stationary emission control, and iii) air purification within enclosed environments such as those of submarines and aircraft. Various large enterprises have either signed contracts for collaborative product development or have agreed to ‘pilot’ phases for product evaluation and development exploration.