Carlos is a founding partner of OPINATOR. Together with his two other co-founders, he’s spent the past five years evangelizing the digital transformation shift in business-to-customer communication: moving from one-way, mass media models to personalized, individual interactions with customers. During this time, OPINATOR has emerged as a unique, leading technological solution in the industry.

His +15 combined years of experience in international strategy, finance and marketing embrace a well-rounded mix of multinational corporations (such as Andersen in the financial sector and Telefónica in the telecommunications industry), as well as Venture Capital and Private Equity owned businesses developed in different countries (Germany, Spain, Turkey, India, Thailand and China).

Carlos has built a reputation for developing business strategies and incubating new business models and combines his wealth of experience with an incisive down-to-earth judgment. Carlos holds an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

About Opinator:
OPINATOR is a uniquely interactive marketing software platform that helps businesses generate personalized digital dialogues with their customers, by considering each customer’s particular profile and context of interaction with the company in real time.

Its broad enterprise-level functionality, multichannel capabilities and versatility of use make OPINATOR an extremely valuable tool for companies setting up effective new ways of digital interaction with customers.

OPINATOR has already proven its value for great companies and is growing rapidly in Spain. We are now raising Series A (10 Million USD) for international growth and expansion (USA, EU and LATAM).



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