Timo Kaura, Founder

Mr. Timo Kaura is business visionar with 15+ years experience from software product business of which 7+ years experience from cloud software business. He has strong track record from business changes with effect to whole company and thousands of customers. Timo Kaura has history in various positions in OpusCapita Ltd, that was exited to Itella Plc in 2011. He holds also positions in the board of directors in three companies and one association and has farming as a summertime hobby.

About Nobicomms:

Nobicomms – change into action. Because execution success makes a difference.

Nobicomms is change execution platform for that focus on engaging communication process, success management and happy end user. Nobicomms is not only for sending information, but it activates also the receivers and give real time status how communication reach, affects and turns to action. Real time monitoring gives control and means to make sure that the change turns into action to every person. Promptly.

Nobicomms is fast to implement cloud service, that scales from one team to whole enterprise. The value of Nobicomms comes from agility, efficiency and alignment that turns to competitive advantage and profitability.

Power Grid, Micro (home ) Grid, Electrical Vehicles.