Nathan Tufte, CO Founder/CTO

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CO Founder/CTO of eLearning Industries Ltd – Focusing on the creation of Content Driven Personalized and real time Adaptive Learning through the online after school tutoring platform. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience in modelling, developing, and managing digital education platforms both in distance education, and real time application for classroom pedagogical usages.

Extensive experience in Software Analysis, e-Learning Concepts, Data Driven Application design, Project Coordination and Management, Web/Mobile/Desktop Technologies, Big Data, Infrastructure support, LAN, WAN, Net security, Web Administration, and international office connectivity. System Administration on Windows/Linux/Mac OSX, virtual servers, Application Servers, and Web Servers/Admin, remote administration (support, installations).

Significant experience covering many levels of research, project scoping, analysis, documentation, programming, and team leading. Accomplished in full life cycles on numerous projects, from initial conception to completion; including customer liaison, systems analysis, design and modeling, documentation, and development life-cycle (programming, testing, implementation, and support).

Always interested in overcoming challenging projects, learning, and interacting with international teams to bring real solutions which benefit broad social issues through technology.

About eTutor:

eLearning Industries is an Ed Tech company. Failing students cost time, money and lost opportunities to them, their families and the society. We are developing a personalised, subscription based after school tutoring platform “”, targeting parents of students in high school that are concerned with their children education.

We differentiate by personalizing education using algorithms that learn HOW the students learn, and adjust study material and teaching mode in real time to the way they learn which is far and beyond our competitors adaptive models of education. Furthermore our algorithms create the “best fit scenarios” between students and teachers online by matching learning profiles and teaching styles in order to optimise even more the online lesson. We target 70m students spending over $30bn in Europe and the US, as part of an even larger global market of 1.4bn students spending over $150bn a year in tutoring, growing by $8bn a year.

The motive behind developing such a product is our belief that better education equals better societies and thus we want to democratise education and give every student invariable of their society, status and affordability, the opportunity to learn the right way, benefit and score high in their schooling and exams.

Topic of presentation and short summary:

Personalized Education – the future of EdTech

History and Pains of the current educational models, market size, and market growth. Leading to our solution, listing the benefits to stakeholders, platform launch, our team, and why we believe it.

Quotes (for promotional use):

1) Better Education Equals Better Societies
2) Personalised learning is a solid way to improve education, tackle the problem of drop-outs, and expensive after school supportive tutoring. promises to deliver personalised, adaptive learning, which means learning that is faster, better, more economical and vastly more scalable than most of the existing offline and online learning models. Athanasios Ladopoulos, Founder/CEO eLearning Industries ltd –
3) We redefine the educational experience globally by personalizing online tutoring for high school students.