Donwoo Cho, CEO,

– Business in Middle East : CEO of FATOZ Co., LTD (’02.3 ~ ’14. 12)

– Solution Business : Director of Ahnlab Inc.(’00.7 ~ ’02.2)

– R&D planning for National laboratory in Korea

About MoreDream:

MoreDream was founded in June of 2015 to focus on niche market in Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia regions to supply input apparatus for Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu languages. The firm is supported by Korean Government as a participating partner for C-LAB program with SAMSUNG Electronics.

Topic of presentation + short summary of presentation:

SAFE stroke® is an input apparatus for Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu languages based on ITU 12keys layout. It adopts patented keystroke layout and automata rule to maximize typing speed and low rate of typographic error on any kind of typing devices.  Simple and intuitive layout of SAFE stroke® enables customers to conveniently use our input system with no need for a steep learning curve.