Matthieu Labeau, Business Development Manager,
Matthieu Labeau has an M.D. in French Linguistic and Literature from the University of Brussels, and in Development Studies from the University of Ghent. He also studied international trade at the Walloon Agency for Trade and Export. He started working in sales and fund raising in Norway in 2004. He was then employed as a lecturer at the Universities of Budapest and Brasilia. During this 7 years mission abroad, he also founded a company in medical tourism and created a film festival. He then opened a bar in China and came back to Belgium. Over the years, he studied 6 languages, working in 5 of them.
Matthieu joined Nozon, a visual effects and 3D animation studio in 2014 in order to reorganize the marketing and public relation strategy and to manage the business development of “PresenZ”, a spin-off of the company.

About Nozon/PresenZ:
PresenZ is a spin-off of Nozon, a post-production company created in Brussels in 1998 and specialized in high-end visual effects and 3D animation for TV and cinema. Nozon recently developed a revolutionary technology for creating and visualizing immersive movies. PresenZ holds the intellectual property and commercializes the technology.