Pulsate, https://www.pulsatehq.com/
Patrick Leddy, Founder & CEO, Email: p@pulsatehq.com
Phone: +353 861050581
Patrick is a seasoned mobile marketing veteran. In 2008 he founded Furious Tribe, a mobile strategy firm that consulted with some of the biggest and most demanding companies in the world. From this experience the idea behind Pulsate was born, he left Furious Tribe in 2013 to begin work on what was to become an end-to-end marketing platform for real world locations. The company was bootstrapped for the first 12 months, and in January 2015 PayPal and Duhnhumby came on board as the first investors in a $1.2m seed round. Since then the company has rapidly build out the platform and attracted many blue chip clients from around the world.


Pulsate is an end-to-end mobile marketing platform for real world locations. We solve the problem of increasing foot traffic and influencing at the point of purchase. We do this by targeting customers on their mobile devices.

How does it work?

We insert our tracking plugin into the companies existing mobile. Once included it communicates customer data points back to our cloud platform. Brands can then log into our portal, creating marketing pushes that target the right time, location and customer profile.