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Erik Tutzauer, CEO erik.tutzauer@poweraware.com

+46 702 70 16 58

Jenny Persson, PR manager, jenny.persson@poweraware.com

About Erik Tutzauer:

Master of Science., Industrial Engineering and Management.

Leading a wonderful and astonishingly skilled team focused on launching disruptive innovations that help us all save the planet in the simplest way. Worldwide.

Left a bright career as a C-level executive for full commitment to the first product of Poweraware, The Pac.

Focused on leading teams to excellence in Marketing and Customer Service for the last 20 years as Project Manager on an Advertising Agency, Customer Service Manager at a Telecom Operator, COO at an Insurance Company and Content Manager for a Media company.

Successful Management Consultant with several excellent deliveries for global and multinational corporations.

Reaching and exceeding goals is Erik’s main trademark, both professionally and personally. Erik has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, studied in Mexico and have held positions working in Greece, USA, Switzerland and other countries.

Erik is now living in Stockholm; Sweden.

Info about The Pac:

Poweraware has one vision – to minimize unnecessary use of natural resources. Our first product The Pac is a power strip that helps you save in an effortless way. The Pac visualizes the flow of electricity with a blue light in the power cord. The more power that’s being used, the faster the light flows. The unique design of The Pac makes everyone aware of the waste and reminds you to turn off things you don’t use.

TIME Magazine has named The Pac one of the world’s best innovations, since it makes it so easy to stop wasting electricity. A PhD thesis at University of Gothenburg also shows that it really works. The test persons started to turn off when they saw the power flowing. Other secondary and meta effects were also results of using The Pac.


”The Pac is an advanced electricity meter that shows how different devices are consuming energy. It reminds us to turn off the standby devices and can help us save enough energy to close several coal plants.”

”The Pac makes electricity visible.”

“Save power, money and our planet.”

”Small things improve the world. Be the change”.

”No one can do everything. But everyone can do something.”