Doc. RNDr. Rastislav Varga, DrSc.  is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, UPJS. He is scientific specialist in magnetization processes study of soft magnetic materials, especially in microwires. He was awarded by the Prize of Slovak Physical Society (2012), Prize of rector of UPJŠ (2011), Prize of dean of PF UPJŠ (2006,1997), Prize of  Slovak Physical Society for young scientists (2004, 1997). He was invited at  many international conferences with his results on magnetic properties of microwires. He was principal investigator of international project 6.RPEÚ- MANUNET (this project was selected into 50 most successful stories from all MANUNET grants.) He was principal investigator of 2 APVV and 2 VEGA projects with evaluation: „fulfill objectives excellently“. He is author or co-author 140 IF publications with 450 registered SCI citations. Moreover, he was the supervisor of 6 PhD students (3 of them in cotutelle with Univ. Paris-Sud, Univ. Oviedo, UPV San Sebastian). Based on his scientific results, the start-up company RVmagnetics has been found in january 2015 which is devoted to the development of miniaturized sensors and actuators working under application of magnetic field.

Position within the Company : co-CEO, founder

About the company

 Our mission  is to bring new generation of sensors to each sector of industry. RVmagnetics is the high-tech company in the field of sensors and identification technologies  based on the technology of microwires. Microwire sensors are miniaturized (from 2 μm)  magnetic contactless sensors of physical quantities (temp., pressure, pull, stress, torsion, position, magnetic field, …) with application in the area of security, construction, engineering, medicine and IT. Microwires are characterized by extremely high added value, simple production process, robustness and wide range of application possibilities.

 Topic of presentation:
Microsensors – when size matters.

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