Facility management of the 21st century
eDocu is state-of-the-art cloud solution made to increase facility profitability, streamline maintenance and cut downtimes.
It is on-the-spot direct access to relevant information (data, files, workflows) and a simple way of recording them. That provides you with oversight over operational processes, thus increasing productivity and decreases losses and downtimes.

eDocu is linking things with information to support Total Productive Maintenance (KAIZEN, sixSigma DMAIC). Whilst combining maintenance rules, information and history of things with industry internet and internet of everythings IoE we are creating an eTPM (electronized Total Productive Maintenance)

Linking things with information. Internet of every thing. Relevant information on the spot. Every thing deserves its own LCD display

eDocu was founded on 64 years of collective experience of the founders in facility management, construction, production and telco business. eDocu is privately held IT company, established in 2013 with headquarter in Slovakia-Bratislava and around 20 employees.

Position within the Company:

CFO – Jana Chrenková

COO – Filip Kubiš

CCO – Marek Hladík

Jana Chrenková is CFO of eDocu with a comprehensive know-how in international financing and managing high-growth IT companies. At the beginning of her career, she led M&As of several companies mainly in the IT sector. In 2006-2007 she supervised IPOs of two IT companies at Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), one of them was evaluated by WSE as the most successful IPO of the year. As director of Investment Banking Devision in J&T Bank she led negotiations with strategic investors within CEE region for listed companies with registered capital of 571m EUR in total and also guided and supervised dual listing at regional stock exchanges. In IT company AXASOFT a.s., as Deputy Chair she led market development of a new product line and increased profit margin by 40% within 2 years. She joined eDocu in June 2015. She is giving also lectures in Microeconomics at the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Marek Hladík is Chief commercial officer of eDocu with a strong educational backround in marketing management and professional project and process management, including master in business administration. He has succesfull track record in construction industry, production industry and technical services. During his career he was leading company restructional, process streamlining and transition projects on international level. He was holding several C-level positions whilst he was responsible for strategical leading of companies and expanding the businesses into markets – mainly in german speaking countries and CEE region.

Filip Kubiš is COO and chief analyst in eDocu. He was born in the 80s so as a member of the Y generation he grew up with the arrival of personal computing. Although his professional as well as educational background is based in psychology (10 years and counting). IT has been his second life until 2013 when he joined eDocu as one of the founding members. Since then he has been working on the product, designing its features and functionality as well as collecting feedback from the client point of view, thus creating a bridge between the client and the development team.


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