Rudolf Tesár is the CEO of Skillandia, which means he provides insightful leadership and oversees production of multimedia content for the platform. Along with co-founder Jarda Chroňak, he has almost two decades of experience in professional and leadership development as a coach and trainer at Orange, Krauthammer and Tesco.

Marcel Klimo is responsible for product management and oversees platform development with an eclectic technical team. With a rich background in application and game development, he has worked on dozens of technical and marketing projects ranging from enterprise loyalty solutions to small-scale app deployment.

Company description

Skillandia is an enterprise learning platform and skill marketplace built to improve sales for IT, finance, pharma or other high value-added industries. We provide our own introductory training videos but also empower coaches and trainers to bring in their own content and clients. The solution gives internal or independent trainers the ability to design short quizzes, create engaging discussions and track progress of teams through a game-like interface.

The pricing model is a simple per user subscription with additional fees for premium services like custom multimedia content production or individualised deployment support by the Skillandia team. However, independent coaches and trainers can choose to create and distribute their own content to their clients via Skillandia. At this time, this requires individual partnerships but we are shifting towards a self-service marketplace model.

In the coming months, we will integrate with various course and content providers so that trainers can choose from a variety of sources to build their own learning quests for the citizens of Skillandia to complete. We strongly believe that real people can provide unique insight when building skill training modules but over time we also hope to invest into a content recommendation artificial intelligence, which we already lovingly call Clara.







Quote: “Learn more, share more, sell more”