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Francesco Baschieri, Founder & CEO, francesco@spreaker.com

Francesco Baschieri is the founder and CEO of Spreaker, a platform for creating, distributing and monetizing podcasts and live radio shows. He is also a lecturer at the University of Bologna where he teaches a course in Digital Entrepreneurship.

Before starting Spreaker, Francesco co-founded Waymedia, a Company which developed Bluetooth beaconing and Proximity Marketing technologies.

Francesco holds a Masters degree in Computing Engineering from the University of Bologna.


Spreaker is an end-to-end management system for Spoken Word audio content.

We help publishers create, host, distribute, measure and monetize podcasts and live broadcasts.

Topic of presentation + short summary of presentation:

“Spreaker: a complete solution for delivering and monetizing spoken word audio”

The way people listen is changing.

New devices are putting vast amounts of audio content in our pockets and people increasingly want the listening experience to be more personalized and more under their control, whether at home, on the move, or in the car.

Audio is a $60BN global industry which is going through a phase of reshaping: on-demand spoken word audio is taking off and is poised to grow quickly in the next few years. But the ecosystem needs better tools. The workflow of publishing, measuring and monetizing audio content is still too complicated.

Spreaker is offering a powerful solution to these needs, which is already been used by tens of thousands of content creators: from independent producers to established media companies.