SmartLoad Solutions

SmartLoad Solutions,

Madis Uuemaa, CEO, Co-Founder,


Madis Uuemaa, born in 1989, is an entrepreneur from Estonia. He has founded a greentech company called Smart Load Solutions, which operates in the field of smart grids and electricity optimization. He is also writing his PhD thesis on this field. Madis graduated with cum laude from Tallinn University of Technology in 2014. His Masters thesis was the first prototype for the company.

About SmartLoad Solutions:

SLS is developing a cloud based service, which reduces electricity bills by optimizing and shifting load according to the day-ahead prices. Thanks to IoT and Smart Grids, we are able to connect millions of devices with our cloud. By storing data to big databases and using machine learning, our service adapts to every single device connected in our grid. Once adapted, we can shift the time that electrical devices use electricity to the most optimal time period in accordance with the client, the day-ahead electricity prices and the most environmentally friendly time.

Topic of Presentation: Smart Load Solutions

Summary: SLS will present its company and their optimization service, which is capable of decreasing electricity bills of electrical devices connected to SLS cloud. They do it by utilizing smart grids, Big Data, Machine Learning and cloud solutions.