Schaffengott,nIk-Hwan Kwon, CEO, , +82.51. 897. 6833


About Schaffengott:

We are a venture corporate, which manufactures trendy items on a basis of brilliant ideas.

Having advantages of high-end design and marketing ability, we applied for and registered 28 intellectual property rights and 6 international certifications.

We are in a progress of developing many kinds of devices, which enable us to prevent the door dings made by the car parked next to yours in a narrow space of parking lot and which can measure of weight, the damage of luggage and antitheft. We are also planning to produce equipment, which prevents the secondary accident, and we are developing firefighting purpose equipment at a high-rise building.

The door edge protection device is already commercialized and delivered to mass distribution network and duty free shops.

Topic of presentation + short summary of presentation:

We’d like to create a follow-up model DEPS 2, which has advantages of enduring intense heat in summer, heavy rains in rainy season, bitter cold in winter and high pressure car wash, because we went through the field test time of more than one and half a year and feel confident about it. This product will contain a function which is that, when a damages occurs, every information about the damage such as time, intensity, and wavelength will be passed over the insurance company and can be used as an evidential data. And it will also contain the function of sound warning. When something gets closer to the sensor, the location of parking lot where the car is parked will be notified as well.


Must have item to protect your car from Door Scratch!!  No DEPS, No Protection.