Andry Kiik, Sales Director,

Tiit Vapper, Chairman of the Board,

Office: (+372) 6 410 604

Skype: vizkeysoftware

About Tiit Vapper:

Born on June 14th, 1960 in Tallinn, Estonia

M.Sc. (and graduate of doctoral studies, 1992) from Tallinn University of Technology in Information Processing (Methodologies of Information Systems Development)

1993- until today, Chairman of the Board, Real Systems (and some other IT-companies)

2012- until today, Member of the Board of Estonian Internet Foundation

1985-1997, Assoc. Professor, Tallinn University of Technology, the Chair of Information Systems

1983-1985, Scientific Research Fellow, Tallinn University of Technology

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova


Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian

Hobbies: sports (former professional badminton-player, amateur horse-riding), opera, movies

About Andry Kiik:

Born on November 11th, 1975 in Tallinn, Estonia

2000- 2004, Project Manager (IT services), Rapo

2004- until today, Sales Director, Real Systems

2015, Lecturing, Tallinn University of Technology, Special Course in Digital Forensics

Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian

Hobbies: sports (gym, amateur drag racing), movies, music


About Real Systems:

Real Systems is a software development company offering a criminal/cyber analysis and investigation product, VizKey™, for corporations, law enforcement and military.

Real Systems is the pioneer of eGovernance/ big information systems having a long, 22 years of experience in development, implementation and localization in different countries of numerous eGovernance systems like eBusiness Register, ePrisons, law enforcement systems, eBailiffs, etc.

Since 1999 Real Systems has offered products for fraud and criminal visual analysis, forensics and information visualization from big data sources to law enforcement, intelligence, military and corporate needs. By now, on the basis of experience and know-how  in database technologies, visual analysis, law enforcement applications and development of big eGovernance systems, Real Systems has developed VizKey™ to meet the needs of any analysts or investigators everywhere, being the most modern but affordable for extensive  implementation.

Topic of Presentation:

“Vizkey™ – investigation software for big data analysis and visualization”

Summary of Presentation:

The presentation gives an overview of a powerful tool Vizkey™ for  private corporations,  law enforcement and military organizations fighting against fraud and criminality. It enables to turn large amounts of data into a clear operational picture as well as to detect data and cash leaks, cyber attacks and corporate frauds. The tool includes investigative analysis methodology, graphical presentation of ‘big-data’ analysis as well as means to access external databases and different data sources. Its efficient analysis helps to detect hidden patterns such as cash and information leaks, drug trafficking, terrorist networks etc.


VizKey™ Big data in a glimpse

VizKey™ Fraud & criminality becomes transparent