Oscar Maire-Richard CEO,

Prot-On is to become the standard to protect information shared on the Internet by individuals, professionals, corporations and public institutions. Prot-On has created a product that allows the users to encrypt files of any type and set permissions to define who, when and what for, the content can be accessed. This permissions are applied in real time to any copy of the file no matter the channel used for sharing it. Prot-On works on any device, is integrated with most commonly used cloud services and is extremely easy to use.

Information shared through the Internet is insufficiently protected and vulnerable to cyberattacks, a growing problem since more and more documents, sent from a variety of different platforms, are being shared and stored in the Cloud. Until now, there was no data protection solution to adequately address the more pressing problems of both individuals and corporations. Prot-On aims to be the reference solution for protecting the information that individual users and corporations share on the Internet. Five key points to become a standard: – All type of documents – All Devices – All type of users – Value for Money – Easy to use Prot-On facilitates the protection, dynamic management and persistent control of rights of use of documents shared by individuals and corporations in the Internet.

Who are we?

Our mission is to help protect the privacy of the individual and return to home users, professionals and organizations their trust in the Internet as a tool for work and entertainment.

Prot-On is a free service that lets you to protect and control all copies of your documents circulating on the Internet regardless of to whom or when they were sent or where they are stored. With a single click, the user can decide who has access and can track who, how and when their information is used. They also can manage access rights at any time and from any device.

Our company was created in Spain with a powerful investment partner and has had a clear international focus from the outset. We have a strong social commitment and part of our earnings will be reinvested back into the community.