Milos Sochor

Milos is all about “Smarter Money” for your business because capital is not the only thing startups need in order to grow. He currently manages Y Soft Ventures (VC arm of Y Soft Corporation) which prides itself in providing real value to invested startups. In the past Milos has built and managed the largest technological incubator (JIC) in the Czech Republic where he has helped hundreds of startups every year with strategic development and investment opportunities. He started at JIC after a 10-year career in the USA where he earned his education and experience in the financial sector as a corporate banker and lecturer at two universities. His main duties as a business banker were start up financing and corporate clientele portfolio management. His current specialization is Venture Capital and Strategic Business Development. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Bellevue University (MBA).  When not talking business he is riding his motorcycles.

About Y Soft Ventures

Y Soft Ventures is a VC arm of Y Soft Corporation providing top startups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with all the necessary capital, resources and expertise to accelerate their path to the global markets.



Milos Sochor,, Tel +420 725 177 259